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Emergency Management Preparedness Teams
Incident Command System (ICS) Team - The objective is to build a strong team that has the knowledge and capability to be leaders, obtain instructions, work within the ICS structure and under the command of the Issaquah Incident Management Team in case of a significant disaster.  2017 activities range from completing the FEMA ICS courses, good radio communication procedures and apply knowledge learned by leveraging routine activities and exercises.
Community Point of Deployment (CPOD) Team - A Community Point of Distribution or CPOD is where the public goes to pick up emergency supplies following a disaster when there is lack of infrastructure to support normal distribution of food, water, and/or other supplies. The CPOD Team will coordinate the CPOD.
Map Your Neighborhood (MYN) Team - The objective is to build expertise within the CERT group to deploy MYN methods throughout Issaquah.  The first project will be to facilitate Timber Ridge “Map Your Floor” by organizing residents and staff to be prepared to take care of each other in case of a significant disaster. 
Mass Care Support (Shelter) Team - The Mass Care Support Team is charged with setting up and supporting community shelter locations in Issaquah. This will encompass both human and pet shelters. 
Functional Assessment Service Team (FAST) - Functional Assessment Service Teams (FASTs) will help assess people with access and functional needs and assist them by getting what they need to stay in a shelter. FASTs work with emergency shelter personnel to conduct assessments for people with access and functional needs in community and American Red Cross emergency shelters. FASTs are deployed as the shelters open and work until no longer needed, or they may support several shelters.  
Volunteer Reception Center (VRC) Team - During disasters, volunteers spontaneously arrive with the desire to help those that are affected.  While this is very much appreciated, it can be overwhelming to first responders. The purpose of the Volunteer Reception Center (VRC) is to develop skills and protocol for recruiting and managing volunteers to help fill the needs of response agencies, community partners and local stakeholders. By directing arriving volunteers through the VRC, they are processed and matched in the most efficient way possible.  Since the VRC is a central point of contact for all volunteers and those needing volunteers, urgent staffing needs can be quickly addressed.  

Activity and Training Briefs 2017
November 28
18:30 - 21:00
FAST Training - Learn the essentials of Functional Assessment Service Teams (FASTs).  FASTs help assess people with access and function needs while in a shelter.  Learn more

Activity and Training Briefs 2018
Late Spring
Full Day
Mass Care Support (Shelter) Team - Issaquah CERT is improving our support of emergency shelters for disaster response.  This Shelter Operations Training will be facilitated by the American Red Cross, and qualifies you to assist in setting up and operating shelters.   Learn more.

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