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Issaquah Emergency Management Emergency Worker Application Process

(CERT or MRC) Permanent Emergency Workers Application Process (Compliant with WAC 118)

Step Action Comments
1 Obtain or have Emergency Management e-mail to you the City of Issaquah Emergency Worker application packet: Return to:
Emergency Management
MRC Coordinator
Brenda Bramwell
2 Complete background check application ONLINE: This is a national background check. 
Your SSN will be required so it is best if you apply online.
3 Start completing requirements: FEMA will require a Student ID Number in lieu of the SS# for every test so get your SID at:
4 Applicant sends Emergency Management, Brenda Bramwell, an electronic copy of all required certificates.  This can be completed within 6 months of application.
EM will have classroom ICS classes available.
5 Emergency Management will review application for completeness.
EM process
6 Paperwork and Background Check processed
Emergency Worker ID printed
EM Process
7 Attend an Issaquah Emergency Worker Orientation and receive your Issaquah Emergency Worker ID Card.

View or print a copy of this process (pdf)


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