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Issaquah Citizen Corps - About Us

Mission: To encourage the citizens of Issaquah to create a state of community emergency awareness and preparedness while ready to collaborate with local responders in time of need to protect life, property, and prevent or reduce crime through mitigation and response. Issaquah Citizen Corps aims to encourage our residents to be self-reliant and community-spirited by promoting all-hazard neighborhood preparedness through education, training and volunteerism.


Board of Directors Information
    Board Members, Specialty, Contact (@issaquahcitizencorps.org)

Scott Petty, President Radio & Communications, CPOD scott.petty
Bob Otis, Vice President Website, ICST bob.otis
Greg Nesteruk, Secretary Mass Care, Public Outreach greg.nesteruk
Stacy Smith, Treasurer Finance, Incident Management Team (IMT) stacy.smith
Bruce Semple, Director Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) bruce.semple
Skip Strickland, Director CPOD, FAST skip.strickland
Monica Walker, Director Public Outreach, Map Your Neighborhood monica.walker


Meetings are scheduled on the 4th Tuesday of each month from 7:00 to 9:00 pm in the Public Works Training Room - the public is welcome to attend.

January 22 February 26 March 26
April 23 May 28 June 25
July 23 August 27 September 24
October 22 November 26 December 17 (tentative)


Acronyms & Points of Contact (POC)
Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Coordination POC: Bruce Wendt
Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Training (POC) Susan Waters
Community Points of Distribution (CPOD) POC: Skip Strickland
Issaquah Citizen Corps (ICC) President: Scott Petty
Issaquah Communications and Support Team (ICST) Radio Officer: Mike Crossley
Map Your Neighborhood (MYN) POC: Brenda Bramwell
Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) POC: Alan Bramwell
Emergency Operations Center (EOC): Brenda Bramwell (Code Red)
Incident Management Team (IMT): Police Dispatch (Code Red)
Website Coordination POC: Bob Otis
For any questions: Contact Brenda Bramwell, Issaquah Emergency Management at brendab@issaquahwa.gov or 425-837-3470


    Contact Us:
Issaquah Citizen Corps
Post Office Box 2365
Issaquah, Washington 98027


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Issaquah Citizen Corps
Post Office Box 2365
Issaquah, Washington 98027
Sponsored by the City of Issaquah
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